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On Behalf Of All Americans, Current and Future

by Robert Sharp @13228-026
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To President Obama,
I'd like to start this out by saying, for the first time in a long time, I'm also proud of our country. Your election signals the end to a unprecedented chapter of our history where the executive branch has been allowed to impose it's will against the will and best wishes of We The People. You've ushered in a bloodless revolution that is evident in the crowds that've gathered to see you speak and the monumental amount of money you've raised to be able to spread the message of hope, change and equal rights for peoples of different socio-economic classes. You've acquired a great power and with that comes a great responsibility, on behalf of We The People, to hold the people's feet to the fire who've taken advantage of their position of power over the rest of us who've been powerless to do anything about this.

Going back eight years ago, at the very inception of the Bush presidency, with the obvious voter fraud and malfeasance that occurred in Florida that robbed the election from the people, the refusal to count votes, throwing votes out, silencing the people's voice was one of the greatest miscarriages of justice that's ever occurred on American soil. We need Congressional investigations into whether Jeb Bush had anything to do with this and if his subordinates want to head off the investigations, see to it that they are sentenced to the full extent of the law and upon their releases, recharge them with obstruction of justice charges for blocking the investigations.

The right felt so comfortable in interfering in our Presidential elections that it continued into 2004 with further voting irregularities in Ohio and elsewhere in our country. This continued to your election where Republicans felt comfortable enough to try to block registered voters from voting by claiming they were registered illegally, attempting to again silence the voices of the masses. Perhaps Senator John Kerry would be a good choice to head the Justice Department as Attorney General should he be interested, he has experience as a Federal prosecutor and can have the opportunity to restore confidence in an electoral system, who better than someone who himself was a victim of biased local electoral committees and questionable partisan voting commissions.

We need a real 9/11 commission that'll look into why the Bush administration chose to ignore all the warnings. Clear up all of the conspiracy theories to discern what is fact or fiction. Find out why all Bin Laden's family here was ushered out of the country, but the Justice Department, under John Ashcroft was rounding up Arab-American families all over the country and charging them with everything from marriage fraud to phony terrorism charges all fabricated to deport Arab-Americans from our country based on politics of fear and intolerance of the Muslim faith by the neo-cons. Also, why did we turn our troops around from capturing Bin Laden to turn his capture over to crooked war locals when cornered in the mountains of Afghanistan, by executive order. It became more important to portray Arab-Americans as terrorists than to actually pursue real terrorists who were involved in the 9/11 attacks.

We the People need massive investigations on Iraq. On everything from the false intelligence that originated from w/in the White House, to intelligence the administration used that was discredited by the CIA before being released. We need to know everybody who has profited from this war through all the no-bid contracts that were issued to Dick Cheney's Halliburton to wealthy Republican contributor Eric Princes Black Water and the like, and why bidding was denied. Our policy of torturing people greatly put our national reputation at risk and brought us down to the level of the same people we're trying to defeat, you cannot defeat evil ideologies w/evil. For Attorney General Gonzales to defend torture and President Bush to thumb his nose at the Geneva Convention is something we must safe guard against from ever happening again.

What we must guard against at all costs is another war waged against the People by the executive branch. This was evident in the outing of Ambassador Wilson's wife, CIA operative Valorie Plane and the subsequent stonewalling by Scooter Libby that followed, knowing full well that he'd be commuted or pardoned by the President. President Bush used his power to pardon less that any President ever but deemed Libby's sentence too harsh. There's literally thousands of people in federal prison that were sentenced more harshly than he. Where's their justice? This war even extended
to our own Justice Dept. w/the firing of our U.S. prosecutors because they didn't subscribe to the far right's political ideologies. Of course all of this trickled down to the common people via domestic spying, forcing our National Guard troops to be engaged in war for past their contracted commitments, the Supreme Court's decision to expand eminent domain so our family homes can be torn down to be replaced by gas stations or shopping malls and we could go on and on.

We understand the need for National reconciliation but I urge you to leave that up to the churches. You're in a unique position with speaker Pelosi and Senator Raid to bring accountability to government and justice to the people, not more of the same old just us policies of the last 8 years. We're at a point in history where if we don't confront it, we'll be doomed to repeat it. To delay this justice would be a great injustice. Should we yield to these injustices from the Bush administration it will only embolden future Presidents to do more of the same and will foster a culture of indifference that will lead to the subjugation of the will of the people. We must never allow this kind of executive supremacy again in which the executive privilege can be used to shield an entire administration from judicial review. Without laws or the consequences from breaking them, you have tyranny.

Thomas Jefferson said "What country can preserve it's liberties if it's rulers are not warned from time to time. That it's people preserve the spirit of resistance." We must now take a stand to resist these sorts of abuses from ever happening again by making an example of everyone who was a party to this sad chapter of our national history. It may be a struggle in the beginning, but in the words of Fredrick Douglas "If there is no struggle, there is no progress."
Robert Sharp
-On behalf of all Americans, current and future.
O^l 12/08

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