Aaron Isby

"Aaron "Isby" Israel 1892219"
WVCF-P.O. Box #500
6908 South Old OS Hwy. 41
Carlisle, IN 47838

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere", Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Peace be unto you,
My name is Aaron Ben-Israel, (F.K.A. Aaron Isby), a Hebrew Israelite and a Political Prisoner of Consciousness, and prison activist who is fundamentally committed to creating a world that provides its citizens' Justice, Freedom, The Pursuit of Happiness, and Human Rights despite their national origin, gender, or creed. I was arrested and charged on November 7, 1990, in a state court in Madison County Indiana, with 2 counts of attempted murder, and one count of battery, for protecting myself from a premeditated, provoked and pernicious attack on my life, staged by a gang of racist, rogue prison guards at the Indiana State Reformatory, (A.K.A. "PCF"), in the segregation unit on October 12, 1990.

Subsequently, I was convicted by an all white jury. I was sentenced to a 40 year state term of incarceration on September 30, 1992, by Judge Fredrick R. Spencer. The Euro-Amerikkkan Kourts have affirmed the conviction at every turn thus far, despite the overwhelming lack of evidence of "specific intent", and the numerous Constitutional and Human Rights violations apparent upon the face of the trial records. I have satisfied the service of my sentence by Indiana State Law in credit class one(1), I get 2 days for every 1 day I serve, and only half of my sentence must be served.

Therefore, as of February 5, 2008, I have served 20 years of my 40 year determinate sentence, and as of this date is/ was entitled to mandatory from prison to parole. My release from prison has not occurred, and I am being confined beyond my mandatory release date. There is a high level, unlawful con­spiracy by politically elected and appointed officials within the Indiana Department of Corrections and their classification division, who are knowingly designating false release dates in my prison files, and refusing to correctly calculate my release date to prevent my release from prison.

I contend that no state Judge in my case, has authorized prison officials to hold me beyond my mandatory release date, Indiana Department prison officials have no authority under the law, to function as the Judicial Branch, and tamper with my sentence, as I've described herein. Their only authority is to carry out my sentence, in which the abstract of judgment issued by my sentencing Judge ordered. I am currently seeking a writ of Habeas Corpus relief before the Indiana State of Appeals Court, (case No. 77A01-0806-CV-281) in this matter. These acts by prison officials seems to be inconsistent with the fundamental tenets of American Jurisprudence and raises serious concerns under domestic and international law.

I call upon the support of all Americans, as President Barack Obama stated so eloquently, "There has always been another tradition to politics, a tradition that stretched from the days of this Country's founding, to the glory of the Civil Rights Movement". A tradition based on the simple idea that we have a stake in one another, and that what binds us together, is greater than what drives us apart, and that if enough people believe in the truth of that proposition and act on it, we might not solve every problem, but we can get something meaningful done. I urge people to write and call the Governor's office, and apartment of Corrections demanding my release from prison...

Please send letters of support to Bro. Israel at the above address. The Governor's address, and the address to the Department of Corrections is as follows:

Mitchell E. Daniels, Governor
Office of Governor
206 State House
200 West Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Tel, (317)232-4567
Fax. (317)232-3443

Edwin Buss, Commissioner
IDOC, IGC-S, Rm. E334
302 West Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Tel. (317)232-5715
Fax. (317)232-6798

The Human Rights Committee
C/O Center for Human Rights
United Nations Office of Geneva
1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland
dated September 10, 2008

submitted for consideration under the optimal protocol to the International covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the Convention Against Torture and her cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment of punishment.

(1) Information concerning the author of the communique as follows.
Peace be unto you. My name is Aaron Ben-Israel, (F.K.A., Aaron Isby). I was in in Riverside County, in the city of Riverside, in the state of California, the United States of America. I am a political prisoner of consciousness, and prisoner of the Neo-Social war currently being waged against the Afrikan Hebrew (Afrikan American) populace males in the United States of America. I currently being illegally and arbitrarily held captive in the Indiana prison system, without due process, at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility-(WVCF), on the infamous Secure Housing UNit, or Special Confinement Unit, (SHU "or" SCU).

A solitary supermax unit, in Carlisle, Indiana under a term I have actually served in the United States. Several years ago, I submitted a complaint to your committee seeking an investigation into the wrongful conviction I received from Allen and Madison County. Since our last correspondence there has been some developments in my case that warrant grave international attention, which intend to explain in this new complaint. My prisoner identification number is 892219. Any exchange of correspondence should be forwarded to the following affress with "LEGAL MAIL" written clearly on the face of the envelope.

Aaron Ben-Israel #892219
(A.K.A. Aaron Isby)
Indiana Department of Corrections
Wabash Valley Corr. Facility
A-702, Secure Housing Unit(SHU "or"SCU)
6908 South Old U.S. Hwy. 41 /P.O. Box #500
Carlisle, IN 47838 U.S.A.

Submitting the communication as (A) victim of the following Human, Constitutional, and Civil Rights violations as set forth below:

(1)The State of Indiana, and their agents located in the United States, are denying me the basic truth as a Human Being, as set forth in Dred-Scott v. Sanford,S. (19) 393, 15 L. Ed. 691 (1856); this yet to be repealed law holds that, “A Negro (black man) has no rights which a white man, (In this instance, a white supremacist Institution) need respect". These truths are, according to the Declaration of Independence, self evident, that all men are created equal; that their creator endows them with certain inalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

(II) The Constitution of the United States of America in conjunction with Indiana State Constitution, affords all its citizens numerous inalienable rights. Among these are the rights not to be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. Nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb. These rights purportedly give a person inestimable safeguards against arbitrary detention, being orchestrated by corrupt state or government officials.

(III) I submit that all these unalienable, inestimable safeguards, rights, and more are being violated in my case to no avail. It is my contention that the level of official abuse of power and corruption on going in my case raises grave international concerns. On November 7, 1990, I was arrested and charged in a Madison County Circuit Court, in Anderson, Indiana with 2 counts of Attempted Murder, and 1 count of Battery, (case number 48col-9011-CF-139). This charge was a retaliatory response by state officials, for protecting myself from a pre­meditated and pernicious attack on my life, staged by a group of racist guards at the Indiana State Reformatory Prison in the Town of Pendleton, on October 12, 1990.

On July 21, 1992, an all white Madison County jury wrongfully convicted me on all charges. On September 30, 1992, the trial Judge, Fredrick R. Spencer, without a jury, sentenced me to 41 years, but later modified and reduced said sentence to a total combined sentence of 40 years and 6 months. (See original and Amended abstract of Judgments attached as exhibits 1 & 2 hereto). In pronouncing my sentence, the Madison Circuit Judge did not order the execution of this sentence to be held in abeyance or postponed, or to operate consecutively to any sentences I was serving for unrelated, separate crimes consequent upon earlier convictions.

I have satisfied the service of my sentence by law, less the credit time earned, by serving 20 years of my 40 year determinate sentence. Therefore, as of February 5, 2008, was entitled to mandatory release from prison to parole, My release from prison has not occurred. There is a high level, unlawful, conspi­racy by politically elected and appointed officials within the Indiana Department of Corrections, and it's classification division, who are in cahoots to prevent my release from prison. To further this conspiracy, these prison officials without authority, manufactured false prison documents that reflected that my sentence was held in abeyance, and my projected release date was 2043, and placed these false documents in my prison files. (Exh.4 attached hereto).

The abstract of Judgment and/or order of Judgment of Conviction, is the final written order of the sentence that was imposed upon me. No where in this order does it reflect or specify that my Madison County sentence was held in abeyance or consecutive to sentences I was serving out of Alien County. (Exhibits 1 & 2 hereto att.) The general common law rule in Indiana is that my sentence began to run, and I begun serving this Madison County sentence after the Judge imposed it upon me, and committed me to the Indiana Department of Correction.
Prison officials are not Judicial officers, and they don't have the authority to altar or postpone the running of my sentence once the Court issues a judgment. Prison officials only authority is to carry out that judgment. I don't have access to all my records, but the attached exhibits seem to support, that Indiana prison officials are playing a cat and mouse game with my sentence and/or release date, which have been unlawfully changed, without legal process. (Exhibits 3 & 5). Prison officials have changed my projected release date several times. Currently though, I have attached papers reflecting my release to parole is February 25, 2009.

Prison officials just recently filed a bogus disciplinary report on me, extending my mandatory release date to parole for May 2029. I am being arbitrary detained in prison on the basis of falsified prison files, manufactured by state employees, who are trying to play vigilante. To make matters worse, prison officials have placed me in solitary confinement on supermax to silence me restrict my Court and public access. They don’t want the public to know the shocking realities of my plight. I am subjected, deliberately and without any possible justification, to unduly restrictive conditions of detention, which is causing me considerable physical and psychological suffering. I am locked in a cell 23-24 hours per day, in which the lights in ray cell are kept or con­stantly. My mail is censored, read, and denied. My meals are inadequate, in which I have lost considerable amounts of weight, prison guards constantly sub­ject me to racist harassment, and antagonize me by arbitrarily denying me showers and out of cell recreation.

Although I am a security level 1, prison officials have intentionally labeled me an, "Extraordinary Security Concern", which is an outright lie to keep me isolated in Supermax, which is an attempt to stop the public from knowing about my issues and complaints. I am being arbitrarily detained. I've sought a Writ of Habeas Corpus, but Judge Thomas Johnson of the Sullivan Superior Court, refused to hear my Habeas Corpus. I have appealed this wrongful dismissal of my Habeas Corpus to the Indiana Appeals Court. (Trial No. 77DOL-0711-MI-00377, Sullivan County Court).

These acts by prison officials seems to be inconsistent with the fundamental tenets of American Jurisprudence, and raises serious concerns under international law. I call upon your commission to take some action on my behalf, and to inter­vene in this matter to ensure that international norms are honored in my case, and that the Governor is urged by your commission to take all necessary steps to release me from prison immediately, I also urge that your commission spread the word to other members and organizations. Attorneys, and the News media about my plight, so that they can raise their voices to aid my release from prison. Please contact the following officials:

Mitchell E. Daniels, Gov.
Office of the Governor
206 State House
200 West Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Tel: (317)232-4567
Fax: 1317)232-3443

Edwin Buss, Commissioner James Wynn,
Classification DIR.
IDOC, IGC-S, Pm. E334
302 West Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Tel: (317)232-5715
Fax: (317)232-6798

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