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Thesis on the Wisconsin's Prison Industry
Wisconsin Prison: A psychologically torturing environment that's assumed to correct the mind's archetype.

This form of reformation is instilled in only those who are manipulated psychologically by way of oppression and depression.

At this stage the mind will begin to accept a new realization of moral conduct that's artificial in nature and contrary to our Maker's plan. Thus man will assimilate a distorted reality, which is based on the confusion between the emitter of all life force and the programmers of life on earth. This is the main reason, that's based on a profound logic, why man is spiritually exhausted from these primary- forces. He then looks for the serenity of this strength, but isn't able to maintain it because of the continuity of these misunderstood and subjugated powers.

The prison lifestyle is therefore an adverse and irrational state of development since it establishes a system of incorrect principles that are being made to condition the unfortunate, ignorant, mentally-ill and the defenseless for any and all law violations that are primarily emphasized from an elite group that are awarded plaques for their best speeches and inhumane reasons to capitalize on every level of crime. Such subliminal weapons are surely being unleashed to produce that efficacious chemistry amidst the penurious ignoramus. That in itself is an expedient behavior from an insidious type of individuals who are actually cowards and vermin's in disguise. This truth is mainly rooted on the realization that the Most High does not produce essential criminals; ergo we must scrutinize the real and accepted meaning of being the product of our own environment because we are creations with instructions, and with a purpose to live our lives, not to commit crimes.

A crime of course is an offense that's committed against man-made laws that are bestowed by a psychotic and barbaric appropriator of the material, who's a corrupted and eccentric builder. In the last epoch these forms of violations were under a theological system that would identify such an illusive act as a sin. In the future our program will change again, but only to satisfy the lower-self s universe, causing yet another system of injustice, wickedness and selfishness.
This is merely a projection coming from the fact that the universal mindset hasn't evolved to such normalize stage, which will require an extensive period of chaotic timing from the laws of nature and the laws of mankind.

The entire notion of our present prison complex is solely based on modern day slavery, where one could clearly see in the constitution, of the American government, the allowable function of this perverted ideology, which still remains in an advanced form.
That form today is based on an economical scheme to continue the wicked dreams of those behind the scene by creating a repetitious cycle of injustice, effrontery and selfishness amongst the real law breakers of this nation, which we all know includes the WI. Dept. of Corrections.
By Solomon

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