Poem by William Davis


Dear Lord save me I confess to my sins but the life that I chose is messed up. I rather die then to live this fast life . I analyze my surroundings seeing my people fall victim to the system – 25 years to life is what they giving. I see no evil, speak no evil, hear not evil but all I think is evil. The devil keeps coming at me from both sides. I cant no better yet I wont let him get to me cause I have self pride. But I pray and pray but nothing seems to go my way. Mama always told me a hard head make a soft ass. And that you can make the bed now lay in it. They say knowledge is understanding but so many people don’t have knowledge itself and it’s a shame. Brothers killing each other for nothing instead of coming together as one to fight for out rights and the system for holding us down so long. They tried to destroy us byu throwing us in this helluva place. We need to educate our young so they will be filled with so much knowledge and wont fall face first. I’ve been in the darkness but now I see the light cause it’s never too late to learn new things.

William Davis #295881
Saluda 215 BRCI
4460 Broad river rd.
Columbia, S.C. 29210

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