Joshua Wells : Standing or Stamped? A Special Challenge

A special challenge and encouragement from Joshua Wells,534897; RCI

Standing or Stamped?
Whose Label Do You Wear? 

You entered with a name, with an identity. Then, step by step, every­thing in the system seems determined and designed to strip it all away. Your dignity, your sense of self, your value and values, your passions, your masculinity or femininity. You're herded into pens, called out like cattle, stripped, hosed down, given uniform clothing, given a number. You're given an  identification with one word stamped on it in big, bold letters, a word that haunts you from that day on OFFENDER. And, for far too many of us, we lose our soul in the process to the uniform code of condemnation and dehumanization.


It is not all that surprising that a society, ignorant of the realities of the courts and the justice system, would place these labels on men and woman, seeing them as menaces and threats needing to be locked away; the world is a harsh, judgmental, unforgiving place, more ready to hide those who are caught breaking their laws away out of sight, defining them by a negative moment or time in their past, than to face up to the failings and weaknesses in our culture and in themselves that those so easily and quickly labeled reflect. What is most sad, however, is that we, those who know best the overreaches and injustices of the system, who understand most intimately the depths to which the best of men can fall in his weakest moments, the failings any woman can reveal in her frailest times, and who know the pain of being labeled, ostracized, filed away, and determined irredeemable and valueless because of an act or time of foolish lostness, we who understand this most deeply, take on that label to ourselves, allow their stamp, their brand to burn into our souls, searing the very core of our identities, then reflect these vilifications that pain us most deeply onto one another!


This is sanity?

Don't think you are guilty of this? Ask yourself some questions. When you refer to the man or woman who lives in and shares the same close spaces you inhabit, do call that person your roommate or your "cellie"? If the latter, you are giving way to their label. Do you do all you can to live a healthy, disciplined, ordered life, as you would to function and live well outside the prison walls, or have you settled for the lazy, pre-programmed, easy floating along of institutionalization? If the latter, you are giving way to their label. How much "prison lingo" have you allowed to slip into your vocabulary? When you see men or women wearing the uniform of an inmate, do you see a person, as much human and as much invested with preciousness and value as every other person in the world regardless of race, color, or creed, or do you just see another prisoner, another inmate, another offender? When you see prison staff or officers of the law, do you see a man or a woman with great value and dignity simply doing his or her job, or do you just see a stuffed uniform of the "po-lice" and reflect onto them everything you hate about the system? Oh, here's a tough one: When you think of the various crimes or convictions of those of us in the prison system, do you rank some men and women as worthless scum and irredeemable1 and others almost respectable based on the act or conviction that place them behind bars?


How you doing so far? Can you see yet how deeply you have accepted the scarlet letter "0" that the rest of the world places on us?


One more question on this test: When you look in the mirror, do you see just another criminal, branded by his or her past, destined for failure and unworthy, worthless, void of anything to contribute to the world? Or can you see a man or a woman, who has a past (but every person on the face of the planet does), but who can, who has learned, has grown, has matured, and who has immense value, who has much to offer in a world badly in need of good, and yes, broken but redeemed men and women to reach out to the broken, hurting, and lost with the hope that only the redeemed ones know?


           The problem is that for too many of us have never learned who we are to begin with, and so have bought into a lie. We've spent our lives building fa├žades and shaping masks, or more precisely stated, allowing those around us-friends (so-called), gangs, social norms, cultural expectations, jobs, family, and the list could go on - shape those false fronts for us, all in an effort to hide our own lack of identity and our own insecurities. So we look for identity and fulfillment in temporal externals: sex, drugs, money, cars, excitement, and acceptance by the crowd, success-things, stuff, and feelings. We have no clue how to stand in our own identity because we haven't the first clue as to what or who that person is. So what is another label, another stamp? And another? And another? And another? It's easier, far simpler to just float along accepting them, no matter how degrading or

dehumanizing the label, than to stand against the tide of masks and disguises being fitted onto us.


It's time we stop accepting brands, stop blindly putting out our hands to accept another club stamp. It's time we learn who we are, who we were born, were created to be. It's time we stop being another face in the crowd, another statistic, another number, another faceless follower of the flow.


         It's time we allow that something in our core, in the very heart of our being, to be stirred up, to be aroused with a fire of passion that cries out, "ENOUGH!" It is not the system to blame, my friend, for a system is a blind, soulless machine; it is you, how you respond to the gears and assembly lines you are being dropped into! It is time for you to wake up and learn to stand in your identity, to learn who you truly are as a man or a woman and to live in it!

You are not a valueless, numbered animal. You are not the thing you were convicted of in the courts. You are not the worthless thing the correct­ional officer, the social worker, the P.R.C. Board, or society treats you as. You are not "OFFENDER ________". Oh, and neither are you that thing or name placed on you by the other insecure mask wearers in the gang or social circle that has defined you for so long.

You are a son, a daughter, a husband, a wife, a father, a mother, a brother, a sister, a nephew, a niece, an uncle or aunt. You are an artist, a musician, a mechanic, a composer of songs, a writer of poetry, a story­teller, a cook, a designer, a builder, a speaker, a thinker. You are a teacher, a mentor, an encourager, a helper, a leader, a friend. You are some or even many of these things and more. You are, most of all, a man or a woman made in the image and likeness of Almighty God. Stop floating along accepting stamps. Do the hard thing! Learn who you are and then learn to stand in that identity.


Friend, it is not until we, men and women behind these walls, begin to do this, to do the thing that most in the "free world" have not learned to do (but how free is a society under bondage of masks, behind prison walls of false fronts, in reality?), that we will begin to finally break off the chains, both of how society labels us based on our pasts, and of what our social groups place on us as expectations - expectations which have in many cases led to the chains of prison labels. It is not until we begin to view one another with this value and identity that we have any moral right to decry the hatred, fear, and condemnation from others keeping so many of us behind bars and walls of iron and stone. It is only when we learn to walk and stand as men and women of identity of a conviction of who we are created to be, it is only then we will know any real sense of freedom from bondage in the world.


And on that day it will no longer matter if we live behind prison walls in a cell, or in a palace with every amenity and luxury in the world. It will no longer matter if we are called "OFFENDER" by the world or paid the homage of a king. It will no longer matter if all the world rejects or accepts us in who we truly are as men and women. On that day we will be able to wash away the stamp on our hands, rid ourselves of the scarlet letter painted over our hearts, and cleanse away the brand that has too long remained burnt onto the fabric of the core of our souls. On that day we will have learned, not only in spite of all we have faced and been through, but because of it, to finally stand no matter what the obstacles ahead.


     It is then and only then we will understand the liberty of living as a woman or a man, to stand free and clean of stamps, brands, and labels. When will that day come for you?


Reader: If you are joining me online, you are likely in the “outside world”, and this feels a bit like inside baseball. So two  brief comments to you. First, while you may not have prison system tying to stamp their identity on you, you do have a world or pressures and peers desperately trying to do so, the principles here , then , apply as much to those of you on the outside as those of us on the inside. Second, this message desperately needed inside prison walls not only here is Wisconsin but around the nation, far too many have simply given up and taken the condemnation of the world as their identity, forgetting who and what they are as men and women, now living in hopelessness. Please, if you know anyone in prison, print these pages out, send these words to them, and encourage them eto pass this encouragement and challenge to the others. Maybe then we’ll begin to see real change, if not in the system, then at least in a place far more important: ourselves.



Devin Brown- mIstaken Identity

 Devin Brown 471237 , GBCI

"A Changed Perspective"
 I don't like dogs!They're loud, Stank,and sh** any and everywhere. That was until I met three dogs and the internationally known Sister Pauline, If you are a dog lover and don't know who she is you need to step your game up! Kickin' it those days with them dogs gave me a  new profound understanding and appreciation of why people love dogs so much
Growing up my experiences with dogs was not the fun loving, wagging tails and sleep in bed type. It was clipped tails,growling ,loud barking and heavy chains. These dogs you wouldn't dare approach-you'd run! I saw bunches of dog fights that was normalized within my community and if your dog couldn't fight, well you didn't see them no more ala the Michael Vick tragedy. Although I didn't see how they were "put down" I believe the stories.
      My initial reason for not liking dogs was an older "friend" would play around,sicking his chow, the ones with the purple tongues, on me and he got away clawing through my pants when I was 9 leaving a gash in my leg. Then my oldest brother. Jesse, brought to mom's house two pimpish puppy pit bulls when I was 10 leaving me to care for them. That was rough. I could barely care for myself. However I kept them in the basement and they could make their way up the stairs scaring my nieces.I hated cleaning up after them, they would bark and puke all day so I couldn't play how I wanted to anymore.  However, when I started walking and taking them with me, they would listen to me for the most part. I felt a special connection with the smaller pup and that's when I fell in love. Then a few months later the bigger one got sick, luckily he survived.Next my favorite one got sick and I'm watching him breathe heavily and throwing up. The next day when I came home form school he was laying motionless and I was devastated. I was shaking and mad then., I hid in the attic and cried.I did not want nothing to do with that other dog so we gave him up.
     Now 20 years later Ms Laufenberg the MU teacher at GBCI (where I tutor students with very low reading and math skills who are emotionally fragile, quick tempered and too giving to be in general population cause they will be taken advantage of) asked if I would like to see the dogs. I said yes but it felt like my body and mind said no~ I knew it wasn't going to be pit bulls or rottweilers. When when they came strolling up cute as can be and obedient to Sister Pauline, it was the total opposite to what I am used to. When sister Pauline moved so did they like that unity I thought I had amongst My guys growing up. At first I'm just chillin' it playing it all cool and nonchalant like.I did not want to get in there to play with them I finally worked the courage to call one over -he ran and jumped onto my lap and immediately went to licking me. Then he settled right on to my lap (you see us in the picture) That's when euphoria settled within me. Because it's been over 12 years since I've held a dog, Damn! The encouraging and optimistic feeling I had in that moment reiterated the little things I've taken for granted being incarcerated. That's something I'll never do again! 
Stay focused , Devin Brown
Devin Lee Brown #471237 GBCI; PO Box 19033 Green Bay, WI 54307-9033 Title “Mistaken Identity” Devin Brown gets 35 years to life for mistaken identity. Could you or someone you love be the next victim of Mistaken identity? Eye witness says to police that “someone “ just walked past and started shooting and she didn’t recognize him, but after being told by someone else Brown could be involved she thinks she knows Brown from going to his house. However , when picking him out of a photo array says only time she ever saw him was on night of the shooting. Then at trial she points to different person and says she knows me from a party. I was illegally arrested on August 03 and lost trial Oct 04. I felt compelled to sign a statement after I was confronted by a signed statement by my big brother implicating me as the one that killed someone. After I denied it several times through several intense interrogations and being denied a lawyer, it overwhelmed me and became too much for me to bear for someone never in a situation like that ever before. My brother’s statement wasn’ t used at my trial , however , they used my statement and a faulty eye witness who gave several different contradictory statements and pointed to someone else during my trial in a photo lineup. In July of 04 an-out -of -court statement from a former friend of mine said I told him I shot the victim (so he could get released only later to catch another case in involving a toddler being killed) however at trial he plead the 5th and refused to take an oath to verify his statements but was compelled to testify, but I still couldn’t questions him because every question was “I don’t know,” “I don’t recall” or “I don’t remember”. A jury used no physical evidence to convict me. Now I am in the court of appeals again because the courts keep giving me the run around hitting me with technical errors because I am pro se. My appeal process is similar to the Emmanuel Page VS Matthew Frank case 43 F:3c 901 WI 2003, where they are not ruling on my issues. The circuit court sends me to the appeals court saying it’s their issues, then the appeals courts says it’s the state, then the state sends me back. The whole time the appeals court didn’t rule on my claims. This is where my problem is. I believe I have grounds for a successful appeal for those reasons also, my trial court judge is on record saying he sees a discrepancy with the detective’s version of events on how they entered my mother’s house. This was one of the most important motions I had but they chose to side with the police against my witness (my mother/ Niece) on a reason that doesn’t have anything to do with how the police gained entry into the house without an arrest warrant after ample time . I’m the victim of mistaken identity and over bearing police , misconduct, taking advantage of people who haven’t been I this type of situation and the judges are holding me to a higher standard than the people who take an oath to serve and protect. If you could help me in any way, it would be greatly appreciated. If not, please direct me to someone who can.


Julius Bonds :poems and reflections

Julius Bonds 052035
CCI; PO Box 900
Portage, WI 53901

earlier post
It doesn't take much for a young black man to become a broken man , a statistic of the American so called Justice and penal system, a product of the environment.

This is my trip, my journey of how I became a lost man with a broken sprit. I do realize that people of all walks of life have also become commodities of our prisons, both men and women, not excluding our children. Their was once a time when America was truly a land of the free/ the home of the brave, and the beautiful.

Growing up in the small Southern Wisconsin City of Beloit, WI my dreams and aspirations took root. I wanted to become somebody even though their were obstacles I held on to those dreams. At the very tender age of four or five, I discovered that my environment was full of problems that I could neither figure out or do anything about. You see, my home was dysfunctional! we were poor and my dad was a womanizer, cheater, gambler and a drunk.

My sibblings and i no doubt suffered the same pain and hurt as our mother did, may she rest in peace. We were all abused mentally and sometimes physically. As the oldest, I remember more and so I think that my pain and hurt has been around longer, but as I've lived, I've come to understand that we were all affected the same regardless of the length of exposure.

School for me was a place where I could find solitude, some sense of meaning, a get away! some place where I didn't have to anticipate the next up roar, even though I could sort of day dream of a better life and of the life that I some day wanted for myself, i found that I couldn't escape the reality of my present situation. Often in school I was called upon to answer a question but couldn't because I would be day dreaming, living in a world of my own. Some days I couldn't even attend school because my mother had to take care of business that would sustain us, sometimes it was because we didn't have food to eat or clean cloth's to wear, often it was because my mother was trying to recover from the physical abuse and needed me to help watch the children.

I vowed that I would be different from my Dad, and that I would raise a good family. I participated in the neighborhood programs like the Boy's Club, YMCA.
I went out for all the popular sports and tried my hands at music which I still enjoy to this day, I thought that music would be my ticket to a better life and to this day i still have that dream. Being mischievous was very much a part of my young life too, I was curious and adventurous , sometimes indulging in things that I shouldn't of. I was attracted to the guys that I thought were cool! the one's that dressed nice and did what they wanted to do, traits that i acquired traits that my Dad had.

My first run in with the law was for riding double on a bike! i must of been Ten or Eleven at the time, I'm Fifty Four now and i have fifty years in Prison- I've been in for four years. I'm in for Burglary, 2 Cts. Battery, Robbery 2nd degree Sexual Assault, all stemming from one crime! this isn't who I am it's- the by product of a broken home and a broken society

Our society is full people that are addicted to drugs and alcohol, people that commit crimes out of need to support a habit or out of the need for just simple survival. It's for the need and greed of money that our system and it's people are foregoing it's principles and ' values. I became the Man that i vowed i wouldn't become when i was a little boy.

Prison isn't the answer! Sure i have to pay for what I've done, but I shouldn't have to pay with my life, I haven't killed anyone. I'm sorry for what iIve done and I'm trying to mend myself and make amends to those that I've harmed. That's the worst part, because i can't make amends to my mother for causing her all the pain and hurt that I caused her, the same pain and hurt that my father caused I can't make it up to my brother's and sisters that looked up to me to be their for them. I can't take back the harm and pain that I've caused my victims

What I can do though is continue trying to live the rest of my life as good as I can! always trying to be the best man that I can be. I need someone to listen to the rest of my story, someone to talk to that believes in the forgiving of prisoners. Americas prisons are broken! they've become warehouses of broken human sprits, and they're costing us more money than they make! parole should be brought back with an emphasis on rehabilitation, jobs and education.

Tommy Thompson messed Wisconsin up with this Truth in sentencing. Our nations prisons are the bulk of our annual budget! you can't beat crime trying to lock everyone up and throwing away the key. Let's mend and rebuild the broken, both victims and perpetrators. My crime as many others are fueled by the need of money, Alcohol, and Drugs! we need education and jobs! you address these issues and crime would decrease by half. Wisconsin use to be a leader in morale value's and standards- that's why so many people are drawn to our great state! the people our law makers! have compromised the character of our state in an effort to get tough on crime, following everyone else, but it hasn't worked and for the most part.Everyone else has abandoned this ideal and have started to address the very issues that i've mentioned. Where we use to be leaders. Now we're the worst! we use to be the model for all the rest. Thank god for prison advocates.

Julius Bonds Jr. Age 55, Born 7/1/55

I guess it's part of life, the struggle strive the fight
it's a battle from within, slip and fall back up again
all that's tough makes it right, you have to push and tug
stand up use all your might, though you feel like giving up

life is oh, oh so demanding, don't get left, keep on standing

Just like a merry go round, up and down round and round
really mean, tough as can be, rocky roads rough as the sea
it's thinking about this and that, to figure out where you at
come up with a master plan, tighten up do all you can

Know that life isn't a joke, it's how you playing your hand
play it straight or you fold, do what's right or lose control
just like a merry go round, up and down round and round
it's a hit and miss sometimes, just enough to blow your mind

Life is oh, oh so demanding, don't get left, keep on standing

Really mean, tough as can be, rocky roads rough as the sea
Don’t get discouraged, keep on trying, alright if you feel like crying
it's thinking about this and that, to figure out where you at making moves trying to fit in, looking back on where you're been

Life is oh, oh, so demanding, don't get left, keep on standing
So demanding, so demanding, so demanding
life is, oh so demanding.

what's this all about
i'm still trying to figure out what's this all about
what's my purpose here

what's this all about
year and year and after year what's this all about
i sit here shedding tears

oh, i got a lot of life to live got a lot of love to give
i'm tired of spending time wasting all my years

sitting in this cell block waiting on my time to end loosing friends and family wondering if they'll set me free

don't know when i'll show again no one seems to care for me looking back on memories thinking what it use to be

tell me what's in-store for me tell me what the future brings is this what was meant to be tell me what is happening

what's my purpose here
why spend all these years
lots of life to live
so much love to give [REPEAT]

i remember yesterday
how my mother use to say
son go out and play this is such a lovely day

what ever happened to those days why they have to go away how much longer will it take
before i leave this dreadful place

is this just a passing thing can you tell me what it mean let me wake up from this dream certainly there is more for me

my life's passing by
all why i sit and cry
trying to figure out this mess sleepless nights can't get no rest

will this torture ever end will i find my way again is this how it's gonna be or will they set me free

is this just a mystery what's with all the secrecy waiting for a sign of life
nothings making sense to me

What's my purpose here
why spend all these years
lot's of life to live
so much love to give [REPEAT]


christopher Walker

Christopher Walker 265784
Stanley Correctional Institution
100 Corrections Drive
Stanley, Wi 54768

Rough time- now "I've learned a whole lot of 'lil prison life lessons, tie those with what I already knew plus a shot of maturity and you come up with a man ready to be reinstated into society as a contributing member."-see his story here in pdf file:in his own words, Christopher's story

Christopher's DOC profile, Click to view larger


Brandon Daniels : poems and introduction

Brandon Daniels #00426387
Jackson Correctional Institution
PO Box 233
Black River Falls, Wi 54615

Dear Viewer:
My name is Brandon Daniels. I'm 26 years old and from Milwaukee, WI. I've been told by many, and if I may say so myself, I'm a down to earth intelligent respectful charismatic determined well rounded humorous guy.

However, like anyone other then Jesus I've made my share of mistakes within my life. Although I've also learned many valuable lessons by experiencing those obstacles that god laid before.

Which I personally believe is perhaps one of the main purposes of life itself.

I enjoy strengthening my tempo mentally, physically and spiritually. And have been doing so the last four years. I have come to deeply crave knowledge on many levels.

I've been blessed to bring my own reading level from a 4.6 (when first tested in 2002) up too a college level as of my latest 2009 prison placement T.A.B.E. test.Which I accomplished by using an assorted of small but effective techniques. Those ranging from making my own spelling words flash cards and working one new word into my own vocabulary once a week by using it in my everyday convo with fellow inmates. Then of course reading short novels that I could easily vibe with. To even muting the volume on my T.V. for months in my single cell in-order to force myself to read the closed caption to follow the programs.

All in which helped me build my spelling, reading speed and comprehension skills.

And after breaking that first major obstacle I came to realize that the only true limitations on success are the ones one places upon ones self !!

I also have a strong passion for writing music and Urban poetry. Both I've often relied on to vent my emotions and frustrations during my current situation in a positive forum.

With that said I think one of my favorite quotes by Pauline Phillips best express my future intentions in life.
"The purpose in life is to
amount to something and have
it make some difference
that you lived at all"

(Any and all constructive criticism regarding my poetry and advise/ support towards my case is welcome. Please write me at the above Name, P.O. Box 233, Black River Falls, WI 54615")

A Cry in the Night
I laid quietly in the dark,
Hearing the cries of a man,
Yet not those that come from pain,
But from something I failed to understand.

This man I speak of is kind hearted,
Perhaps the same age as I,
Yet he'll never see his daughter take her first step,
Or give her away as a bride.

For some reason it always hits him,
In the middle of the night,
That he'll never go home to his family,
For the rest of his life.

He knows not to speak of his fears,
For these men will prey on his weakness
However I seen it quite clear,
For his eyes shared the secrets.

One night he slit his wrist,
But they saved him in time,
This I must say I never seen comeing,
For he kept that too deep inside.

But now I've come to understand,
What made his tears so different,
The tears of pain, fear, death,
However the tears he shed, welcomed it...

Brandon G Daniels

Do Yo Thang
Do yo thang with yo diva slang
So sharp, so fierce, so laced with game,
Of course can't nobody tell you anything!,
When it comes to Bailer's you know every name,
And you ain't never had to want or pay for anythang!

You posess a precious jewel, but you don't care,
You bid it off, like an auction,
Men gawk and stare at you everywhere,
When you lick yo lips, and flip yo hair,
Switch yo hips, when you strut up stairs,
Arch yo butt, and puff yo square!

Yeah, you know you sexxxy,
So carmel and voluptuous,
Sweet and scrumptious,
The ideal seductress!

But really hon', you ain't got a clue,
That those men just lust for you daily,
But only love you for the moment,
And those looks will one day fade,
And those men will no longer want it,

Then all that envy and fame,
That you once craved for motivation,
Will soon become eye rolls and smirks,
From the birth of the next Diva generation,
Gone do? you thang,
With yo Diva slang,
So sharp, so fierce,
So laced with game,
Of course, can't nobody tell you anythang...

By Brandon Gold Daniels 1/29/2010

Body Language
Allow me to read between the lines,
as I close my eyes and memorize.

The envy of God's creations.
The essence of raw temptation.
The portal which brings forth new life,
and also holds the gateway of great sensation.

With eyes the shade of every existing flower.
And lips that can persuade, influence and empower.

While bearing the fragrances of exotic fruits
and candy so delicious, One literally wishes it could be devoured.

with hips that sway like a suave ocean wave.
Or a cloud of dro smoke from a blunt left to blaze.

Yes, I understand yo body braille.
The heavy punctuation in every sharp detail.

And I feel the title beneath my fingers,
presenting a story of sexual cravings.

Overwhelming my curiosity to sink my face within the cover,
For a taste of the sweet words between yo pages.

As I read yo body language....

By; Brandon Gold Daniels 5/30/2010

see Brandon call for justice as he tries to get his guilty plea thrown out


Bernell Selders

Bernell Selders 107622 NLCI; PO Box 4000; New Lisbon, WI 53950
Dear Brothers Keeper,
My name is Bernell Selders Jr. #107622 I am age 45, and I am a black male. I've been incarcerated since 1989, for a crime I never committed. In May of 1989 I met a woman on the city bus in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Over the next two weeks we had the beginnings of a nice relationship. Sex was involved drinking and some weed smoking. On June 2nd, 1989 I went to her apartment and was greeted by Kelly jumping on my back as I walked through the door of her hallway on the floor she lived on. When we got to her apartment I notices the strong smell of incense. She walked me straight to her bedroom and push me onto her bed. We began kissing and feeling on one another for a few minutes, until someone came and knocked on her bedroom door, which startled me because I didn't know someone else was there. This young lady who happen to be black stuck her head into the room and said to Kelly to come on, then Kelly jumped up off me and said she'd be right back, and left the bedroom. After I wasn't excited anymore, I walked out into the livingroom where I noticed the smell of cocain being smoked. Coming up from the hood I'm from your exposed to a lot of things and nothing really shocks you. But I must say, when I walked into her diningroom and seen Kelly standing there with a glass pipe up to her mouth, really shocked me. She tried to hide it behind her back when she looked up and saw me looking at her. So I played it off and ask her where the phone book was so I could order a pizza. Picking up the book from the table in her diningroom I went and sat on the couch and ordered a pizza. I walked back to her bedroom to get the beer I purchase before going to her apartment. I sat back on the couch and open me a beer while they did what they were doing in the kitchen. After about five minutes the black woman came out the kitchen and said hello and that her name was Kim and introduce myself and she lift. Kelly came out the kitchen looking like she was tweeking.(eyes bucked out from the cocain)... I could tell she was embarrass. I said to her that, that stuff ain't good for you, of which she answered that she only did (it a few times because it was Kim's birthday. I left it at that because I knew it would be my last time messing with her after that. But me being a man figured I'd gone and stay to hit it one more time. (Have sex with her)...
We watched t.v. and listen to some music until the pizza came. We ate the pizza and drank the beer. I never been one to be able to drink without having to use the bathroom, so I went to the bathroom a few times. The last time I come out from using the bathroom Kelly was on the phone and I heard her say. (knall I'll come over there. So I ask her what was up and she said she had to go somewhere. So I said forget it, I'll go over my son mother house then, and she walked me to the door like she was in a hurry. As I lift her apartment building I decide to go to the store right across the street to get some cigarettes and once I open my pouch. (A leather bag you wear around your waist). I notice right away that my money was messed with because it was just shoved in there and that's not how I kept it. I notice that fifty dollors was missing after counting it, so after paying for my ciggerettes I ran out the store headed back to Kelly's place. As I got to the corner I saw her coming out the side door of her apartment building, so I ran towards her and when she saw me coming she tried to run back to the door but it had closed, so she went running along the side of the building towards it's back. I caught up to her and tripped her. At this point I was standing over her out of breathe, bent over with my hands on my knees. As I struggled to get out the words, "where the F_K is my money?" She tried to kick me in nuts, which is when I hit her in the face. I then grabbed her off the ground say, "Give me my money you stole from me." As I was walking her back down to the light by the door so I could search her. As we got closer to the door I saw my money on the grass. She had dropped it when she started to run. I had her by her cloths pulling her. Once I saw my money I bend down and picked it up and I smashed it into her face saying, "What is this Bitch? Pushing her up against the building bumping her head. I could’ve had her by her neck at this point but I don't remember. Anyway, I let her go and as she started to leave she stated she was gonna get me, and then ran off. I went over my baby momma sisters apartment where her and my son was living and where I stayed sometimes myself.

The next day I went to Denver Co. because this other woman I was seeing had recently moved there after claiming she was having baby by me and claiming she was having complications. Of which I had made plana aweek prior.

Kelly, who happens to be a white female claimed she just met me on June 2nd. and that she never knew me before that day. I lost a set of keys to my baby mothers sister apartment two weeks prior to June 2nd. and they was found on the headboard of kelly's bed, but that was over looked. She stated I trashed her apartment looking for money and whatever eles I could steal. But yet my fingerprints was only found on a ashtray and beer bottle, but I empty all her dresser drawers all over her room and after that day she claim to have never went back there. But when the police took pictures of her apartment nothing was out of place in the whole apartment. Her statement on the police report was that, I had a butter knife at her throat and I forced her to have sexual intercourse, Penis to vagina with me, then I made perform the act of penis to mouth, and that ejaculated inside of her. Then at the preliminary hearing that they gave me after the lost juridiction over me by not giving me a preliminary hearing within 20 working days because I was in custody with a $50,000 bail that I couldn't afford. She stated that I now had two knives and that I first made her perform penis to mouth first and then penis to vagina and then I force her back into her bedroom and repeated both acts on her in her bedroom. After that I took her money out her purse and other items. Then I stated I wanted her to take me to her cash machine to get all her money. As we was leaving her apartment I had the knife up to her throat with my arms wrapped around her and that we both fell down the stairs and all this time the knife was at her throat but she never got cut. Once we were on the sidewalk she broke away from me and ran into traffic.
That four black ladies picked her up and took her to the police station. Once at the station, one of the ladies went inside and got a police officer and he came out to the car and help her into the station. But there was no police that came forward saying they helped any woman into the station claiming to be raped. Per sergeant working that day. And no statement from any black ladies that she said took her there, no nothing. In fact, A police officer came and stated on the stand that she was just sitting there on a bench.
They took a rape kit on her and no semen was found on nothing or inside of her. She claimed I hit her so many times with a close fist that she lost count, but her fase only had slight cratches on it. I am a professional Boxer. Her own sister get on the stand and say Kelly told her that two black ladies picked her up and took her to the police station. At the Jury trial Kelly stated now that I had a hand full of knive all that time. My brother worked 3rd shift and he would sleep from about 4:00p.m til about 10:00p.m. before he have to go to work. Kelly would call me 5 to 10 times a day waking my brother Corey up for two weeks but she say she just met me on the 2nd of June. My God sister that lived with us talked with her numerous times and so did my mother, but again she claim to have only known me that day. The bus driver that knew me even stated that we was on his bus a number of times together.
I was charged with 5 charges. 1-count of 1st. degree sexal assualt penis to vagina livingroom) (1-count of penis to mouth livingroom (And the same two charges in the bedroom, and 1-count of armed robbery.
after a long time the jury came out with a question for the judge. The question was. (What happens if we came to verdicts on three of the charges but just can't agree on two? The judge said they would have to stay there until they all agree. Ten minutes later they reached a verdict on all charges.
As you can figure I was found not guilty of three of the charges and guilty of two. They found me guilty of penis to vagina and not guilty of penis to mouth in livingroom. They found me guilty of penis to vagina and not guilty to penis to mouth in bedroom, and then not guilty of armed robbery. The State added on hibitual to each charge because I had a felony within five years of each other. Each charge carries 20 years and with addition of habitual that adds half of what your charge carry, so the judge sentence me to 30 and 30 running wild. I have now served almost 21 years for a crime that not only I didn't do but that never happen. I was a young poor black man accused of raping a white woman in Wisconsin.

In 1990 my appeal attorney came to see me and he was drunk as all outdoors. Just reeking of alcohol. After the attorney visit thst correctioal officer reported the sitation to the admini-station and the next thing I knew was all my transcripts was sent to me from that attorney and the public defender office refused to issue me another attorney. So for 21 years I've been praying that God send me someone to help me. I have seen parole two times and I'm about to see them for the third time July 21, 2010. They want me to take a sex offender treatment program, and after meeting someone special and the fact that this is a program that the parole board say I have to take in order for them to be able to grant me my fredom and after talking with my family and now grown children, but moreover, I'm plane tired of being sick and tired. I Have to go into that program and admit to something I know I didn't do, and then If I'm ever granted my freedom I have to be labeled a sex offender. My family tell me to do what I have to in order to come home, but the don't understand my plight. Over the years I have prayed that God gives me the heart to forgive and he has. I don't hate anyone and I know that I'm no saint and that yes I've done my share of wrong, but in order for god to forgive me, I to must forgive. So I say to you that has read this, forgiveness sometime starts
in ones own heart and then just maybe the world will join in.

If there is anyone in the position to help me I have copies
of my transcript, but the state has destroyed all the evidence
in my case, even after the judge ordered the state to keep them.
You may write to me directly at: Bernell Selders Jr. #107622
N.L.C.I., P.O. BOX 4000, NEW LISBON WISC. 53950
I will up date if I'm ever moved to another Institution and
you may go through MISS Peggy Swan
Thank you for reading my story God bless.
BernellSelders Jr.


Manuel Williams

Manuel Williams 303943
WCI; PO Box 351; Waupun , WI 53963
Story coming . This man has recently been stuck forever n segregation status and now is in general population. He could use some support and encouragement


Lloyd Jarrow

Lloyd and nephew

Lloyd Jarrow #365826;
general Delivery
LA State Prison
Angola, LA 70712

What do you do as a juvenile sentenced to natural life for a crime you did not commit and the judge refuses to consider "New Evidence" that the prosecutor withheld . . . evidence that support your innocence?
What do youdo when the judge faults you because your attorney didn't check the prosecutor's file for this evidence, some, 10 months before trial?
What do you do when the judge's ruling disregard all the motions your attorney filed requesting this evidence, two weeks before and during trial?
What do you do when the judge's ruling even disregard her own ORDERS (before and during trial) for the prosecutor to hand over this evidence?
What do you do when the judge's ruling disregard the law and the fact that the prosecutor lie to your attorney and herself (in open court) about the mere existence of this evidence?
What do you do when the judge's ruling disregard the prosecutor's, inadvertent, admission to having sent you this evidence only "by mistake"?
What do you do when the judge's ruling disregard a sworn affidavit from your attorney affirming your innocence and/or the prosecutor's withholding of such evidence?
What do you do with "New Evidence" that would have permitted the jury to see your case from a whole different light?
What I've decided to do is show you just how inconsiderate and wrong a judgment can be ...

If you have any comments or wish to be a part of my mental support team you can help write or email at the addresses below. The only requirement is that you are positive and optimistic — believe in change.
Lloyd Jarrow General Delivery La. State Prison Angola, LA 70712
email: lloydjarrow@myjail -
NOTE: "When someone is innocent it is everyone's business"
— LuLu

Please don't stone me
For I am innocent.
with the fault of the indigent

We can't go on this way, our lives
has taken a different turn..
as a people detached &unconcern

We are more than distinct colors
We are the spectrum & common neighbors..
a lost Friend, Family, savior

How did we get here, how do we change..
For the higher good, for humane

We share the same sun & recycle
The same air….I am u and u are me-there

Love is stronger than pride..
It's my heart to u
It's God's will-for I have abide

Here's the bridge, save your talk..
It's the son of God at your feet bleeding
Head, heart, and soul.

Sometimes we don't realize
Just how much we mean to someone
..just how much we are connected

Sometimes we don't realize the power
We can draw from each other.. sometimes we are afraid

Sometimes fear keeps us
Until we lose hope & foresight
To see beyond the moment
Sometimes we forget….

Lloyd Jarrow

A Once Illiterate Offender expresses His Innocence
It was 55 days after my 17th birthday when I was arrested on suspicion of murder. I was suspected after two witnesses said they saw me w/the shooter headed toward the scene minutes before the shot. I was in tenth grade –special aid –reading and writing on a 4th grade level. I had no idea then that I’d end up here, learning to read and writing about my innocence.
Let me explain. Those witnesses were ex-offenders and drug addicts-hardly enough? They were thrown in jail until the trial, allegedly, to ensure they would attend. The prosecutor had to come up w/something else, but there was nothing else. Although I was at the bar past curfew none of those witnesses saw me shoot or kill anyone! I had never been convicted of a crime. All the evidence pointed to the shooter-who confessed, yet maintained his innocence. During the trial my attorney stressed “my client is innocent and we’re not saying he was an accessory; we’re saying he was not involved in any way.”
In spite of this, the prosecutor tried to get me to plea to a lesser charge of 5 years probation, if I’d agree to testify that I was w/the shooter when he robbed and shot the victim. I wanted to, out of fear and desperation but it wasn’t true! Because I refused, the prosecutor had no witness to the murder so in the midst of the second day of trial he allowed the shooter to plea to a lesser charge (15 years) if he agreed to testify that I was the shooter, which he did. I was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to natural life in prison.
My trial went swift and without the evidence that would have supported m innocence. The evidence that was withheld by the prosecutor came later, years later, “by mistake.”
I say mistake because this is what the prosecutor said when and how I received the Grand Jury testimony and statements of witnesses, which I was totally unaware of. This evidence implicated his two witnesses of murder. The prosecutors had the trial jury believe his witnesses had no reason to lie, as did the detective, for indictment! When the grand jury ask about “ any other person other than’me’ that had people to come forward and implicate, he lied, and covered for them, in order to make his investigation more reliable. I tried to petition the courts with this newly discovered evidence(pro se) , along with a sworn affidavit from my trial attorney that” If I had discovered these statements I would have done everything under allowable law and have used these statements to support your innocence!!

If you would like to stand with Lloyd in his fight for freedom an d education, you can help by writing to him at: Lloyd Jarrow #365826; general Delivery; LA State Prison; Angola, LA 70712.
Note: Lloyd was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole . If you believe that sentence was too cruel and teens especially should be given a second chance, share your concern by contacting Citizens for A second Chance; Kelly Orians, 504-522-5437.
Kelly Orians is the campaign coordinator for the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana.
“Many small people, who in many small places do many small things can alter the face of the world”
Piece of graffiti from the Berlin Wall, Fall 20 years ago.


Herbert Burrows

Mr. Herbert M. Burrows#465214
PO Box 200
Fox Lake, WI 53933

"Thoughts That Give me Pause"

Dear Friend,
This week has come and gone with the moments and thoughts that give me pause.
I walked the walkways & hallways of this facility with my head high with the constant
presence of survival.
I am reminded momentarily of what I am to gain as a reliable man;
Indeed for myself to attain, I must not dwell on my calamity.
Continuously I strive to open myself to a concept of love as a human being, a person
- to fulfill, and without pause, love unconditionally and emotionally.

If there has not come a time of this, how do I love completely?
If I haven't allowed myself to focus on a profound expression of tenderness, how do
I express it to you?
If you've never gotten the motivation you need as humans and individuals of your
own views, indeed how do we console our loved ones?

I have had the chance to notice a change in myself.
This week I've accepted sacrifice, had the moment to endure pain, grasp enjoyment;
and after my trails and tribulations, I've found peace.
Today I know what it is to actually mentally
be able to offer love.
This cycle is what life continuously offers.
And you have offered and shared aspects of this cycle with me.

I would like to note: I have raised an emotional vibe within for you.
And in respect, with these, I hope you feel the truth of my words.

Consolingly, Mr. Burrows

Embraced by Words

My name is Herbert Matthew Burrows
I am a man of moderation and fortitude. I walk forth each day with respect/ honesty, and loyalty. I strongly believe these elements contain a cause to an in depth friendship.
I'm attracted to a woman of self-awareness and courage, an optimistic woman with a great personality and a wonderful sense of humor, a woman who is comfortable with herself as a person.
1 carry myself in a moderate tone, with morals, values, and the ability to make just decisions in the light that may impact towards a productive outlook for a collective future.
We learn the values of a thing when we have lost it. Honestly, I've never possessed such an inspired vision until this point in my life. What I do possess is the desire for happiness which is the incentive that moves us in all our undertakings.

An Essay: Ghetto Hero

I want to acknowledge the fact that this message is solely intended to recognize some of the struggles our communities face, further give a sense of purpose for the youth , those children who have not yet grown into their position in life, Provide hope for one’ circumstances regardless of the situation, and encourage through means of proper education and guidance.
The content of this article is merely intended to bring this struggle to light.

Ghetto Hero

Every Ghetto across America has a hero: one improvised community sees as the heart of unity, the nexus of balance, within a common struggle.

A struggle, one that has yet found peace: A lost soul- a child- one that is unconscious of the life he or she will live. Reflecting personality traits yet to be educated on. The blind leading the blind.

But before I drift further into the midst of events, let me express the very existing dimension that sprung forth such an elaborate cause contrary allow me to burden the lack of fortitude, vision and insight for this all too evident birth in America.

A ghetto is a poor community with no fair chance of acceptance. It lacks resources, appropriate government funding, housing, and is the downside of a local state economy. Within these communities there is an urgent voice for support, a cry out for a productive movement to uplift our youth and set a course of action to bridge together the pillars of our redemption as a dysfunctional people.

Poverty is complex struggle to tackle, considering the dynamics of what a welfare system is: To simply provide the minimum income needed to survive in a community structured for the disadvantaged, dysfunctional non working class.

Please note: this is my personal observation of these circumstances. These leading non working individuals represent the uneducated population and single mothers that are often young children themselves.

• And these fathers represent the youth as well. For the young adult male who once had his opportunity through means of a scholarship that supported his well developed athletic abilities. All this came to a halt when his mother used the government funding provided to maintain livelihood and schooling to support a substance abuse habit.
• For the fathers who labored hard to provide security and a steady income on minimum wage and resorted to criminal conduct to make means with overdue bills.
• And yet the girlfriend who was his only hope of a more productive cause stated, “ I’m pregnant with your child.”

These barriers suffocate the youth in Wisconsin communities. It Is safe to sate that the majority of prison facilities in the state of Wisconsin house more males and females that come from these dysfunctional areas. These areas seem to be segregated to those families that receive government assistance., which are written off as a liability on the eyes of a more nurturing society.

IN time itself as the youth age, they too can only see adversity in the unfolding events taking form in their communities. Reflecting a cycle that all have lived and experience all too well. Without proper guidance these teens often develop self –destructive concepts of what success is. These teens , male and female alike, result in anti social behaviors creating situational dispositions that leads to dis-advantage in the work force and academic institutions, leaving one without purpose and carrying the ills of crime. Prostitution, armed robbery and deliverance of drug substances, all provide an income to reach a status of comfort.

Yet , this comfort level is a misconception of living and there is turmoil that clings to one’s soul , resulting to even deeper aspects these communities face-such as high risk of violence and substance abuse.

But the exception to this struggle is the ghetto hero, that all longing voice, the presence that is felt out of a common pain,love, and story. This seed has grown and faced adversity in it’s complete essence. This one of whom I speak is transcending in all forms of human development. Fortunate enough to endure the struggle by means of suppressing and modifying these stressors. This person is me and I am this because I lacked the means and understanding long before conceived to an unjust society.

I have lived and continue to experience the very existing factor. I am able , due to the accumulation of knowledge and understanding, to speak for us as a whole.

A hero stands in the light to offer hope for the people> without the strife and tears there is no story for the hero to live. I am a ghetto hero and all who reflect a struggle can very well become a hero as well…

Works form a friend to the people: “ As long as you remember that you hold the key to your success, your heart and your sanity, no one can really lock you up-they can only lock you out!”

Written by Herbert Burrows

In loving memory of two great men and mentors.
Ladatrian Haskins, 1977-1999
Allen Clark, 1982-2009

A combination of Components
In Reducing Increase
By Herbert M. Burrows

"Individual rates of re-offending after incarceration are high. Based on available re¬search, nearly two-thirds of all released prisoners are expected to be rearrested within three years. The impact of recidivism by returning prisoners is disproportionately felt among a relatively small number of disadvantaged communities." June 2001, From Prison to Home, the Dimensions and Consequences of Prisoner Reentry, by Jeremy Travis, Amy L. Solomon, and Michelle Waul.

Allow me this opportunity to travel through a combination of cycles that, at best, provide the insight to grasp the cause for reducing recidivism.
As an individual, it's an obligation to find some means of importance in society. Relevance is a significant feature to one's cause and place in life. A man needs relevance to establish a balanced focal point in his daily routine to outweigh the imperfection of man - the age-old concept of the ruling man; if one isn't in power or in control of his overall life - like education, career, home status, emotions, etc. - he is deemed less than what his birthright implies. And I must inform you that this is not true.

Equally important, education promotes a productive livelihood and creates a structured foundation for a career setting. Therefore, purpose and meaning are huge elements to the development process in attaining goals.
Nevertheless, as men we must encourage other areas of concentration, in particular faith groups and genuine relationships without pretense between the human specimens of men and women.

When friendship arises, one establishes trust, loyalty, and respect to an appropriate degree; in-turn, this creates traits for respectable social interpersonal skills. For men, one develops the quality of the kindred spirit; in this essence, a man reveals his true form, share's himself and his soul. At this form a man contains the spirit and is able to become a supporter of another human being. Not such in spiritual guidance, specifically motivation and encouragement.

Within the bounds of cause and effect, the individual as man the foreseer and motivator gives birth to an environment of harmony between the relationships. And harmony is attainable in a community.

Furthermore, it's essential that one must find common ground with self and cooper¬ate with probation official and parole agent, such as being willing to seek appropriate job placement; therefore, to establish a steady income and create a cause to make use of daily living.

In addition, it's important to detour away from any habits of substance abuse or any environments that promote drug use. I believe substance abuse is one of the leading causes to recidivism, if not the leading cause. It can be considered a key component in why a parolee absconds from custody. For example: upon consumption of alcohol or an¬other narcotic, the parolee is subjected to a dirty urinalysis. Therefore, the parolee fails to report not only to the agent, but also the work site. And so, out of fear of being arrested for the warrant issued by the agent, the parolee terminates the conditions of work placement. As a result, the subject is without a source of steady, legitimate income and is wanted by law enforcement for absconding. This leads the subject back to the familiar cycle of crime to attain a means of income to support the habit of drugs and day to day survival, which lies in the conduct of crime.

My belief is that the majority of returning inmates who find their way back to the chains of incarceration are due to relations of drug use. On (the) condition (that) a lack in productive decision-making while intoxicated, an individual is more likely to detour in criminal conduct, in the case of armed-robbery, burglary, etc. Henceforth, in the long run one falls back into the mind frame of criminality.

All things considered, you should always comply with the conditions of your medication use if need be, your judgment of conviction, and parole agent plan. Whereas, to abstain from drugs, weapons, etc. into the community which this may be.

In essence, my message is to advise that the individual abstain from the use of a con¬trolled substance or any conduct that lies in criminal activity. Together with, promote a healthy relationship with the probation official or parole agent; additionally, encourage the importance of education. Keep in mind you can never exhaust your growth of development.

Continue at all costs to pursue understanding in life. Moreover, establish means of some form of a family outreach support system such as friend/friends or kinship for reasons of mental and emotional understanding through quality time; more so, to experience the incentive of being loved and cared for. In large part, these are significant components in the social balance of segments in society.
Remember believe in yourself as a man... .... Take care!

*For more recent statistics, the Urban Institute has developed a major research project entitled, "Returning Home: Understanding the Challenges of Prisoner Reentry." This study was carried out in eleven identified states from 2002 to 2005. For this study and any recent monographs, papers, or essays about recidivism, go to http:// or contact by mail order: The Urban Institute 2100 M street. NW. Washington, DC 20037
By Rudyard Kipling
If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too:
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim,
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same:
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, bro¬ken, And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, And lose,
and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your loss:
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone, And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, If all men count with you. but none too much:
If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, And—which is more—you'll be a Man, my son!

Mr. Kipling values calmheadedness, honesty, humility, a realistic nature, determination, and a sense of purpose. With these words, I close for now... Research is the key to understanding the knowledge.
Submitted By Herbert Burrows

My Tender Experience
Herbert Burrows
Is defined as an expression at best;
This tranquility, the sensation of affection,
is magnified by the bounds of her existence.
Ripened by the core of effort and strengthened by the touch of kindness.
She is my science; for I'm her chemistry,
Together we've given birth to humanity.

Note: Prisoners do not have email or internet access.
Send your letter to the address listed at top of post.
If you would like us to send your first letter, send your letter to FFUP at Make sure you give us your “snail mail “ address so the prisoner can write you back .
You are always welcome to use our address as your forwarding address. Just make sure you give us your real address so we can send the prisoner’s reply to you. Our PO BOX :
C/o 29631 Wild Rose Drive
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Marion Brisco

Marion Brisco #523094
RCI PO Box 900, Sturtevant, WI 53177
My name is Marion Brisco.I was born on February 23rd,1984. 1 ' m about 5'3 in height and about 174 pounds in weight. I grew up with both of my parents,2 brothers,and 2 sisters. My childhood was bad to say the least. My parents struggled with finding work,which meant lots of financial troubles. Living in poverty caused going to school to be difficult as well. My parents not being able to afford nice things cause me to be the object of ridicule and mockery. As a result of this I got into fights everyday. When I got home I was punished for fighting in school. I couldn't tell my parents that I was fighting because I was being poked fun at at school.
Once I got a little older I wanted to change not only my state of living but also my family's. So,I took to doing what everyone else in my neighborhood was doing. I started doing crime,specifically selling drugs.It was easy and the money came fast. I did what I believed I had to do. I divided the money I made between myself and my parents. Because of what I was doing my parents were able to pay rent, all of the bills,and purchase better things for my sisters and brothers so that they didn't go through what I did in school. To be honest,back then I thought that the lifestyle was great. I was respected in the streets as a hustler and I was loved in more at home as a provider.I even fell in love with a beautiful lady.
As with all stories about a man coming to prison,the life that I thought was so great began to crumble.The woman that I loved betrayed my trust and involved me in a crime that I had nothing to do with. In the aftermath of it,I ended up with I5 years in prison and strong trust issues. She began a relationship with one of my friends and my family was plunged back into poverty.
As of now,I have been in prison a little over a year and I have decided to once again change my state of living but this time in a positive and productive way.I am working on getting my HSED as well as preparing to take some correspondence college courses. I have also begun to form a relationship with God. Most importantly, I have begun to work on the psychological scars that I have from my parents and the betrayal from my so-called friends.I've realized that I can't really change my future without educating myself and finding internal peace.And in a way,me posting this is part of that process.I have not opened up to anyone about my past since I was betrayed my the woman I fell in love with.
It would be difficult for me to say what I am specifically looking for but I know that Whoever response to this has to be at least open-minded (seeing that they would have to be in order to view me as the individual I am and not as the crime I'm incarcerated for), someone who is understanding(seeing that they would have to be in order to deal with my faults),and someone who is compassionate(seeing that they would have to be in order to help me help myself become a better human being)! I encourage all who wish to, to respond.I will try my very best to respond to all letter that I receive.Thank you for your time and reading my story.

Poem Called Father

Too young to remember
A few pictures take his place.
She's my baby girl. We resemble
He's gone without a trace. Without her affection,
Void because of infection;
A life of insurrection
Now what is this I face?
A stream of bad decisions,
Don't hate the player, hate the game.
Conquered by drug saleing
So much promise turned to shame.
Mercy m! Sin arrested..
My Baby girl's love uncontested!
Satan's plan has been bested
Could this be the case?
In Daddy's arms she can rest now,
Neither weed not death gives chase.
I'm at home, free at last now
And protected by his grace.



Terrance Prude

Terrance Prude’s Life in a few words
Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin In Highland Park projects , I was /am the only child and I was raised by my grandmother ( who just died April 27, 2011) and she taught me right from wrong. However, the streets seemed to have more control over me that grandmother . I hung out with “friends” who really were not friends. I obtained a record at 10 years old . My surroundings were cruel and unusual on the mind. I’ve witnessed person getting their brains blew out at a young age, I was taught to kill or be killed ( thank God I was never put in a position to kill). I was taught the opposite of societies norms. I learned to have a mental disorder, i.e. due to the standards of society, the word is that if a person doesn’t “effectively “ know right from wrong, they’re with a disorder. Right from wrong “to me “ meant to do what ever to stay afloat. Hanging around killer, drug dealers. Hustlers, pimps ( and everything in between) taught me what surviving meant and in turn I adopted the definitions as my own.

So, I grew up with ”that” meaning of right and wrong( though I am sure I know even this definition was wrong, however , the “twisted definition” of right and wrong seemed to be more financially beneficial than the “right “ version” of right and wrong), and figured those who weren’t living as I was was living wrong, did I have a disorder? Robbery ( while armed), shooting at others who lived as I did was the norm for me and it landed me in prison with 100 years. I’ve been in prison since 1999 November 20th for 5 counts of armed robbery (sentenced 20 years each armed robbery). There is much more to this story that the short version I’m disclosing, so if you want to know more that what you see here, then please write me at the address above. I’m 29 years old now , I was 17 when I was arrested for the above crimes.
Well , my photo is posted as well, I have other postings as well and just google me to locate them. Respectfully submitted,

Terrrance Prude 335878;
Po Box 351
Waupun , WI 53963


Radical Change Discussion

To whom it may concern:
My name is Vances Hernandez-Smith a/k/a "MoSo" .
I am a prisoner in Wisconsin. I am also prisoner advocate and litigator.

I agree with many that "the “time is right" for us to make a move toward more "Justice" as the past 8 years have really "Broken" the promise of what America could, be. However, I am now of the opinion that at lease the "Voice in the wilderness" is at least able now to be perceived, whereas previously, things that were more human and bent toward justice, were out of ear shot, as those Extreme Right Wing Republicans controlled everything from both houses of the legislative branch, the Executive branch , the Judicial Branch, and the Fourth Branch, i.e the Press. They have pretty much succeeded in their goals, as they have started world war three, bankrupted the Country, while Enriching the already Wealthy.

The only part of their "Plan" that they did not succeed in, was to hold on to power for the next generation, as was stated by house Speaker, and disgraced, Tom Delay. Additionally, they got so drunk with power, it cost them to make a few mistakes which once exposed, caused their true nature and agenda to get exposed and now the entire Country sees, what most of us, on what's called "the left" knew all along.

There were many people who wept when Bush got elected, as we knew what the agenda was and what the results would be. Now, the entire County "sees" it and were so shocked, it allowed for us to elect a Barak O'Bama. So now, the problem is we can't let them get away with what they have done in the past.

We are the Victims of what they have done in the past. This hold "got tough on crime" scare and the "War against drugs" was nothing but the precursor for the now exposed "Scare tactic" used to win the election with the "War on terror", and the "Terrorist". This was all a tactic engineered under Carl Rovewas made part of the republican strategy which was first "Tested" in Texas and Wisconsin under Governor Tommy Thompson. And part of this Plan/agenda, was to lock-up as many people who could eventually become Democratic Votors, so they had to be "Disenfranchised" by incarceration.

If a person thinks this is some far slung wild ranting of a lunatic, I would highly recommend them to read a judicial decision, which represent one of the great profiles in courage, as the Judge had to give a complete history lesson on how such "Conspiracies" were hatched in the pass by the U.S. Government, and it over turned the crack cocain law. It really had to give a history lesson, so one might not think this is some radical Liberal Judge, who issued such a land mark decision out of thin air. So please take the time to read this decision, especially each foot note. The case is cited as U.S. V, Clary, 846 F. Supp. 768 (E.D. Mo. 1994). This decision was rendered at the height" of the Conspiracy, and it set them back where this decision almost Exposed what was really going on in the Government.

But this Judge really stepped up the plate and said and did what many did not have the guts to do back then. The corrupted Politician and Corporations had a iron grip on power. I'm sure you may remember those days in the past, where the Media, press, Government Bodies, or the Courts, were willing to stand up to them.

Anyway, my point now is, I know now, just to get back on course and just to where we were at before, there has to be some Radical steps taken. And in order to get the public to buy into these changes, we will have to make the case, we, as prisoners, were the first Victims of what has now been exposed which came to its Apex under the Bush Administartion. They never had any plans on following the law and giving old law prisoners the right to a parole, nor to a "Fair and just” sentence, The old plan was to keep all these people locked up for the rest of their lives, no matter how unjust or wrong it would be. And so now, we have these new crowd that have got stuck in this "Group think" and are afraid to "Undo" what has been done in the past.

what we are saying happened in the past, is true. With the exposure of Bush, Chaney, Tom Delay, Alberto Gonzales, Scooter Lidy, etc, etc, was all just the tip of the iceberg. I have a lot of evidence to support what these people have been doing over the years. So, this is what I think needs to be done.

we have to first expose and explain why the system is like it is. And it's not because it was the best thing to do. It was done simply to take advantage of the poor, ignorant, and weak, for Political gain , power and money by using the same old tactics used to destroy the "Reconstruction Era" of the Civil War. They use laws as a weapon to carry out destruction of a "Class of people". And now, there is this "Group think" mentality where no one is willing to "snap out of it", so it takes some Radical tactics to shock them back into reality.

They see the new vision but want to sweep under the rug, what has been done in the past by these same people they now see leaving power all over the Country. Most were either cowards, crooks, or corrupted. So now, we have to tell the truth of what has occurred in the past. This is the only way we can really move forward and progress. So I would like to work with you in the future in getting this message out and doing something about it.

I would really like to start the discussion on many other things in society that has been, up to now, "Politically Incorrect" to raise one's voice about, such as the legalization of drugs* It is these drug laws that causes more crime and then the drugs themselves. Again, this present situation was studied and analyzed by social scientists, on the prohibition era. Thus, they knew what the effects would be on the poor, ignorant, and weak, once they enacted these drug prohibition laws. Whether a person personally approves of the use of drugs is not the issue. The issue is what are the effects of the laws? It has followed the well known science of Supply and Demand and escalated the value to where the "Profit" Is so great, it causes all kinds of social ills, from drug wars, gangs^ robberies and destruction of the individual. Again, this is not the result of the drug itself, but the laws that have been deliberately passed for this very purpose. Most people have been fooled and hoodwinked into believing that the drugs is the problem, where truth is the laws themselves are the problems. But
it would take a lot of explaining to really clarify what needs to be said. But such issues goes to the root of what is going on today, why so many youths are getting in trouble and incarcerated. It gives these Extreme right wing republicans the ability to make the argument the world Is coming to an end and we need more Cops, a police state tougher laws, more prisons and the relinquishments of our Constitutional rights in the name of "Safety". However, if the profit were removed from the drug culture, it would cut the crime rate over 50%. And save Families and. Communities. It Is the laws that are tearing a11 this down.
____ These are considered "Radical" ideals . However, they are true. And just as the definition of insanity has been defined as a person who does the same thing over and over again, yet expects a different result each time,we too, must show that most of the same "liberal agendas" from the past, such as "prison reform""Drug programs" “reduced penalties" for drugs have all failed in the past. In fact, this is how the Extreme Wing Republicans took power.

But the reason these things failed, is because they didn't go far enough. All one need do is look to Countries such as Denmark and Copenhagen. As the Right Winger have scared the public into believing that if such policies and practices were taken in America, the sky would fall. One really has to wake the American people up otherwise this problem we have with crime and violence and the destruction of the Youth, will never go away, we will keep going in circles. Something new and Radical should now be tried. And if we don't get it right now. it will probably never get taken care of and many generations will be at risk of repeating the same mistakes and fall in the same traps as we did. So I really hope to make some progress in this area someday soon.
I hope to hear from you soon and that my letter will be helpful.
Yours truly
Vances Hernandss-Stnith a/k/a MoSo. Waupun Correctional Inst. P.O. Box 351 Waupun,Wisc. 53963.

Please feel free to write this man, he would love to get a discussion going . OR you can post your answers online, but make sure you give your address and email so we can get your response to him and he can write backl> NO Wisconsin pisoners have email.
Senator Lena Taylor
Wisconsin State Capitol
Madison, Wi 53707

Dear Sen. Taylor,
I'm writing in regards to the situation with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and the Politics of the parole system.
My intent is to write vou with some suggestions on how to make our criminal justice system more effective and getting more bang out of the buck, so to speak. I believe chat if alot of the handy work of the prior republican administration of Governor Tommy thompson, was undone, alot of progressive ideals were carried out, the Correctional system could be a success and a model for the world, whereas now, it is the disgrace of the world.

However, I'm aware it would be hard to get public support for new radical changes unless they are convinced of the mission. So in this reqard, I believe no progress can be made moving forward, unless the evil deeds of the past are exosed. There can be no disoute that the extreme right Wing Republican that just left power had done a wonderful job of hood winking the public and keeping them in a constant state of fear, for economic and political gain for their agenda. Tommy Thompson was a part of this agenda and has left many of these "Policies" and "Peoples" in place and it will be hard to undo them, this is why we have the highest incarceration rate of minorities in the Country.

We now have a great opportunity to make some progressive policies and changes, but I'm afraid nothing will work, until we look back and recognize and expose alot of wnat has been done in the past. This Bush administration and it's now defunked ideology was dealt from the bottom up and people like us down here on the bottom, has been it's first Victims.

The so called "War on drugs" was created and manafactured to create the fear and hysteria we see today, and not to mention the real increase in crime. And when many of the Black and Latino Men have been removed" from the household for a generation or more, what would one expect from the next generation growing up, but a worse generation. So my point is, just as General Esienhower warned of the dangers of the military industrial complex becoming an out of control "Monster", the Prison industrial complex has achieved the same evil. This Moster has now become so powerful, no politician can say or do anything against it without risking their own career ending destruction.

For years Americans have been getting "bilked" out of Billions of Dollars from inflated defense costs and prices, fraud and waste, and right out theft by these Corporations which had gained so much control and power over the political process in America, And thus, no Politician had the nerve to whisper a peep about this waste,-fraud and corporate greed for fear of being tagged as "Un-American". Well, we have the same the results from this Extreme Right Wing Republican agenda. And because of this, we now need a radical change in our American Foreign Policy because of the results of these policies. So too we now need a Radical change due to the results of these Correctional Policies which were successfully carried out by these same people.

From my experience of almost 20 consecutive years of incarceration for petty crimes and as a Prisoner Advocate and Litigator, I have had a, front row seat in experiencing and seeing the results of these past debunked and discredited policies and practices and have figured out a way to reverse them.

First, it has to be recognized that the Correctional and Parole system is broken since it has become Politicized. Parole decisions are not based on proper administrative, statutory and legal criteria, but instead, are based on mostly "Political considerations". This began under the Tommy Thompson administration, which, along with alot of the other corrupt Republicans embarked on their agenda to not only lock up as many possible democratic voters, i.e. Minorities and poor people, as possible. So he started the practice of choosing a Parole Chairman who would ignore the Legislature intent behind the old law parole system, which were controlled by State Law, and instead, make parole decisions based on "his" Political agenda.

Many inmates have sought suits in State and Federal Courts arguing these "new" policies designed to increase the length of incarceration violated the Ex Post Facto laws of the United States Constitution. As proof, we had contracts signed by the Secretary of the DOC, which "Guaranteed" an increase in the amount of time Wisconsin Prisoners would serve on their old law Sentences, in exchange for Federal Grants pursuant to Title 42 U.S.C. 51137-1 (Crime Control Act of 1994). The records show each year, Wisconsin met or exceeded its "Quotas and was awarded Millions of dollars in Federal grant money.

Since then, even under the present Governor, the Parole Chairman's parole decisions have been seen as a reflection of the Governor, rather than a "Independent" decision rendered in accords with the law. This is why we have this prison over crowded and do not release of old law prisoners who would and should have been released many years ago.

We have the statistics which show prisoners who were unfortunate enough not to have received a parole before these Republicans took over, and who received the same or similar sentences of inmates who did receive parole, has served almost double the amount of time than what would have been served when they were first sentenced and sent to prison. And as stated, this increase is based solely on the "Politics" rather than the proper and legal criteria they're suppose to be.
However the problem now is, just as it was with the military industrial complex, no Politician is willing to speak up and tell the truth about these past illegal and corrupted practices and Policies.

I think if an investigation is conducted and these past illegal and corrupted practices were made known to the public, only then would it be politically possible to carry out the necessary radical changes necessary to correct and bring back "Justice" in the justice system. Right now, it just as corrupt as what is now known about the "financial system" the Iraque War and former U.S. Attorney General, Roberto Gonzales.

So I would recommend to start to consider and study legislation which would first, make it more easy for prisoners to seek postconviction relief and sentence modifications. Under the old Republican era, they had pretty much closed the door in this area with "conservative" Judicial decisions, which has all but forclosed this avenue for prisoners. Such legislation would allow Circuit Court Judges to grant reductions in sentence to well deserving prisoners who have demonstrated they deserve release or a reduced sentence.

Of course, this has been held in past judicial decisions as beyond the court's jurisdiction, because it was a province of the Parole Boards. So legislation could make it clear the Courts could now consider such things as "New Factors".

In addition, legislation should be passed to revamp the postconviction statute under 974.06. Again, before the Republican agenda tool effect in the Judiciary, inmates could seek relief from unjust convictions and sentences as a matter of course. If a Constitutional violation or error was found, it was remedied through the courts. However, the Conservative Activist Judges all but blocked this long held interpretation of the postconviction statute, and in 1994, "changed it" through a judicial decision, all but cutting off any access to the courts once convicted, known as the Escalona-Nanangjo bar.

Such legislation would send the signal to courts that the manafactured and ignor the law, conservative extreme Right Wing era is over. It has been a failed ideology and has ruined and bankrupted the Country. It's time now for some Radical change that is more progressive and inlightend. We who are the lest of thee, needs help.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this matter and I hope you will take some action.
Sincerely Yours,
Vances Hernandez-Smith #61811 Waupun Correctional Inst. P.O. Box 351 Waupun,Wise. 53963.