Robert de Mallory

Robert de Mallory 63498
SCI; 100 Corrections Drive
Stanley, WI 54768

I am 55, born August 1, 54. I am in the best of good health, I am 6 feet even. I weight 240 lbs, I have 6 brothers and sister. I was raised in the inner-city of Chicago on the lower end of 43rd street down by the lake. I come up in the civil rights era. I Marched in Chicago in the sixties against the University of Chicago and Micheal Reese Hospital for discriminatory practices and racial hiring practices. I marched on other construction site, and against racial attacks against black by police and against city hall? I worked for a short period on the CETA PROGRAM even as a youth. And when you compound that with the many facets of gang wars of Chicago that persisted during the mid-sixties to the early 70s. I further added to that situation by being convicted of party to the crime of first degree murder with two other individuals, Thus, I am presently serving a Life Sentence. Since being incarcerated, I have managed to get a good grip on who I am as a human being. I pray every night for forgiveness of all my sins , and aside from the fact that I did manage to go to college in prison, I am self-taught, self-learnt, self-schooled and have consistently engaged in further educational tools such as involving myself in the completion of over 100 different institutional programs which have better helped me to understand my crime and its rippling affects of my victims, also my own family being victimized, and being born again I have practiced several religious beliefs during my incarceration. As I am on a new enlightening journey seeking new heights of friendship with those individuals with a deeper astute¬ness of life's meaning. Therefore, I welcome all faiths and forms of friend¬ship from anyone Male or female that are capable of extending their per¬spectives of how life should be lived. Whats acceptable of life and our tolerance levels of things we like and don't like.
I welcome friendship from those with an open mind seeking
a higher meaning toward life? Interested in meeting with present and retired Attorneys, I have personally acted as my own attorney and successfully cha¬llenged civil actions in federal courts; See Soto V. Cady, 566 F.Supp. 773 (D.C.Wis.1983), Soto v. Dickey, 744 F. 2d 1260(1984); and De. Mallory v. Cullen, 855 F. 2d 442(1988).

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