Efrain Campos

Efrain Campos #374541
Columbia Correctional Institution
Post Office, Box 900
Portage, Wisconsin

1) How old were you at the time of your arrest and conviction? I was eighteen when I was arrested and convicted for my first adult crime.
2) What were you convicted of?
I was charged with 24 cases of Armed Robbery with 2 1st.Degree Intentional Homicides. I was convicted of 11 Armed Robberies with 2 Endangering Safety While Armed With A Deadly Weapon.
3) The full length of your sentence and parole eligibility date?
I was sentenced to 70 years, with parole eligibility after 15 years of incarceration. '
4) The type of person you were before your arrest?
I was a child who attended school every day and received good grades with perfect attendance. I went to church every Sunday and attended Bible study every Friday night. I played the drums for the church choir, I volunteered at the food service for the elderly in my neighborhood. I played in a baseball league, i baby sat for my family and friends. Upon graduating high school i was prepared to in list in the Marine Corp. I was in contact with a recruit I had plans to attend college for architect school.
5) The total amount of time you've served?
I have served 11 years, 12 years on February 2nd, 2011.
6) Things you have accomplished since your incarceration?
I have accomplished my HSED, Anger Management, Small Business Course, CGIP 1-2, Restorative Justice, Legal- Assistant Paralegal Course, Criminal Law Course, with plans to acquire a degree in Business Law in the near future.
7) The type of person you have become?
I have become a man who is ready to accept full responsibility for his past actions in life. A man who fully understands that his actions as a kid caused, many innocent people mental and emotional scaring. A man who is seeking the opportunity to repay his victims back in any way possible, if given the chance. I'm a man who has directed his life to the ways of the lord, and although i some times fall short of his teachings i try.
8) Why do you think you deserve a second chance at freedom?
A second chance should be given to me for many reasons. Through out my 11 years of incarceration I have come to accomplish so much that i probably would have never accomplished in the streets. I have come to gain control of my life in order to make it in society if ever given the chance at a new start. To be honest and sincere, my prison record hasn't always shown full control over my life and i won't justify my actions with an excuse. Yes, i am gaining control of my life and yes it is a slow process,but the important thing is that i am doing it. Actions speak louder than words, so i beg for your help, i reach out to you in helping me achieve not only a full change in life but that second chance at freedom, we all deserve a second Chance. Thank you for taking an interest in my story and wishing to help me in journey to success.
Efrain Campos

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