Jared Fischer

Jared Fischer 279834
PO Box 351
Waupun, WI 53963

My name is Jared Fischer. I’m a 34year old white male that has been incarcerated since 5/04 and have just under 23 years left to go. The majority of my time stems from stabbing a police officer –the rest followed as a night of bad choices ran out of control. I have reservations about going into it further at this time as it is hard to understand how a person can do something like this unless you have been in a similar situation. I have no illusions about my crime, there is no one to blame but myself. I have accepted full responsibility for my crime and now find myself on a hopeful path to a better tomorrow.
Since my incarceration I have bettered myself by finally following through with my HSED and some vocational courses- I’m also trying to reestablish my faith in a god that I feel has ultimately left me behind. I’m finally to a point where I realize it is okay to reach out again and open , myself up to some else-always taking a chance. Because, to me , it is taking a chance.
You see, I was raised with an abusive father and ion our home there was no closeness, or real family values at all or anything of a normal nature. That being said, any relationship I entered into, whether it was friendship or otherwise, I was more “passionate” about it-always trying to find that ”closeness” that I lacked growing up, but in the end I am always the one loving or caring too much, always the one ending up getting hurt.
This chance is mine to take and I am doing so because I need someone that I can just talk to, someone that can look beyond the bars that I sit behind and see me as the person I am. I am lonely and alone and feel I have so much to offer to that person who is willing to take a chance and extend a hand in friendship. I guess I am saying I am so much more than a number, I’m a person that puts real value on companionship. If you are willing to take the chance and the time on a n interestingly unique type of friendship,then please write to the address listed above. I will be waiting.
p.s.: Any age welcome
Only sincere people please.

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