Terrance Prude

Terrance Prude’s Life in a few words
Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin In Highland Park projects , I was /am the only child and I was raised by my grandmother ( who just died April 27, 2011) and she taught me right from wrong. However, the streets seemed to have more control over me that grandmother . I hung out with “friends” who really were not friends. I obtained a record at 10 years old . My surroundings were cruel and unusual on the mind. I’ve witnessed person getting their brains blew out at a young age, I was taught to kill or be killed ( thank God I was never put in a position to kill). I was taught the opposite of societies norms. I learned to have a mental disorder, i.e. due to the standards of society, the word is that if a person doesn’t “effectively “ know right from wrong, they’re with a disorder. Right from wrong “to me “ meant to do what ever to stay afloat. Hanging around killer, drug dealers. Hustlers, pimps ( and everything in between) taught me what surviving meant and in turn I adopted the definitions as my own.

So, I grew up with ”that” meaning of right and wrong( though I am sure I know even this definition was wrong, however , the “twisted definition” of right and wrong seemed to be more financially beneficial than the “right “ version” of right and wrong), and figured those who weren’t living as I was was living wrong, did I have a disorder? Robbery ( while armed), shooting at others who lived as I did was the norm for me and it landed me in prison with 100 years. I’ve been in prison since 1999 November 20th for 5 counts of armed robbery (sentenced 20 years each armed robbery). There is much more to this story that the short version I’m disclosing, so if you want to know more that what you see here, then please write me at the address above. I’m 29 years old now , I was 17 when I was arrested for the above crimes.
Well , my photo is posted as well, I have other postings as well and just google me to locate them. Respectfully submitted,

Terrrance Prude 335878;
Po Box 351
Waupun , WI 53963

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