Marion Brisco

Marion Brisco #523094
RCI PO Box 900, Sturtevant, WI 53177
My name is Marion Brisco.I was born on February 23rd,1984. 1 ' m about 5'3 in height and about 174 pounds in weight. I grew up with both of my parents,2 brothers,and 2 sisters. My childhood was bad to say the least. My parents struggled with finding work,which meant lots of financial troubles. Living in poverty caused going to school to be difficult as well. My parents not being able to afford nice things cause me to be the object of ridicule and mockery. As a result of this I got into fights everyday. When I got home I was punished for fighting in school. I couldn't tell my parents that I was fighting because I was being poked fun at at school.
Once I got a little older I wanted to change not only my state of living but also my family's. So,I took to doing what everyone else in my neighborhood was doing. I started doing crime,specifically selling drugs.It was easy and the money came fast. I did what I believed I had to do. I divided the money I made between myself and my parents. Because of what I was doing my parents were able to pay rent, all of the bills,and purchase better things for my sisters and brothers so that they didn't go through what I did in school. To be honest,back then I thought that the lifestyle was great. I was respected in the streets as a hustler and I was loved in more at home as a provider.I even fell in love with a beautiful lady.
As with all stories about a man coming to prison,the life that I thought was so great began to crumble.The woman that I loved betrayed my trust and involved me in a crime that I had nothing to do with. In the aftermath of it,I ended up with I5 years in prison and strong trust issues. She began a relationship with one of my friends and my family was plunged back into poverty.
As of now,I have been in prison a little over a year and I have decided to once again change my state of living but this time in a positive and productive way.I am working on getting my HSED as well as preparing to take some correspondence college courses. I have also begun to form a relationship with God. Most importantly, I have begun to work on the psychological scars that I have from my parents and the betrayal from my so-called friends.I've realized that I can't really change my future without educating myself and finding internal peace.And in a way,me posting this is part of that process.I have not opened up to anyone about my past since I was betrayed my the woman I fell in love with.
It would be difficult for me to say what I am specifically looking for but I know that Whoever response to this has to be at least open-minded (seeing that they would have to be in order to view me as the individual I am and not as the crime I'm incarcerated for), someone who is understanding(seeing that they would have to be in order to deal with my faults),and someone who is compassionate(seeing that they would have to be in order to help me help myself become a better human being)! I encourage all who wish to, to respond.I will try my very best to respond to all letter that I receive.Thank you for your time and reading my story.

Poem Called Father

Too young to remember
A few pictures take his place.
She's my baby girl. We resemble
He's gone without a trace. Without her affection,
Void because of infection;
A life of insurrection
Now what is this I face?
A stream of bad decisions,
Don't hate the player, hate the game.
Conquered by drug saleing
So much promise turned to shame.
Mercy m! Sin arrested..
My Baby girl's love uncontested!
Satan's plan has been bested
Could this be the case?
In Daddy's arms she can rest now,
Neither weed not death gives chase.
I'm at home, free at last now
And protected by his grace.


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